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Identify Your Architectural Needs
And Get Our Creative Guidance

As a full service architectural firm, we offer architectural services to fit your commercial and residential project needs. Our support covers all phases of a project whether for master planning, new construction, additions, or renovations.



  • Creative Direction

    We help set project goals, establish design direction, and provide mentorship for your project.

  • Feasibility Studies

    We provide an objective, detailed project review for you including site, zoning, building codes, functionality, and of course, budget.

  • Full Architectural Service

    We shepherd you through the entire design and construction process beginning with the idea phase and ending with project completion.

What Can You Expect From Our Process?

Step 1

Let's get to know each other and your project.
We'll determine our approach and drill down to your goals, your needs, and your why. We'll answer your burning questions about time frame, budget, expectations, processes, and methods. During this phase, we'll also examine project feasibility and complete a zoning study to determine your buildable area and predict other possible restrictions. Then it's all about honest communication. We'll discuss opportunities for site construction based on our findings and will provide existing conditions drawings if needed. This crucial step will lay the foundation for success.

Step 2
Schematic Design

Let's create something beautiful together.
Together, we'll determine your design direction. We'll provide out-of-the-box solutions and a visionary approach to help function meet aesthetics. Can't visualize the end result? No problem. We'll develop your project in 3D and share computer generated perspective views, too.  At the end of this phase you will have a set of drawings that you can share with contractors for budget pricing.

Step 3
Design Development

Let's dig into the details.
See your elevations and plans come to life through thorough further development of the design. It's all about the details here. It's in this step that we begin our collaboration with the engineers and the interior designer to refine the project design.

Step 4
Construction Detail Documentation

Let’s get down to business.
Here we prepare the professional documentation of your design. You'll have all the drawings you need to obtain a building permit and more in hand.  This step may include a site plan, floor plans, building exterior elevations and interior elevations, building sections and construction details.  We offer a range of deliverables in this step so we can right-size the services to fit you and your project.  These documents are always easy to read, so your vision is made clear to your contractor.

Step 5

Let's gather your A-team.
Your Anne Architecture architect is on hand to help you interview, evaluate, and select your contractor. During this phase, we'll also help obtain permits from your local jurisdiction and will address building department questions and revise your documents as necessary.  We love to kick off the construction with a Pre-Construction conference with you and your contractor and other key team members.  We want to get the construction off to a good start!

Step 6

Let's make it happen.
Our personal approach means we're by your side throughout construction. We'll help you review pricing, make site visits, review contractor orders, advocate on your behalf, and observe all phases until your project is complete. Watch as what was developed on paper becomes your reality.

Design Your Level of Service

Once you share your needs with us, we'll work with you to design the level of service that suits you and your project best. Your bottom line depends on your wants and desires and what the project requires. It's that straightforward. Simply tell us what you're looking for, and we'll outline our work accordingly. 

Totally Satisfied


  • 1-2 one-on-one design consultations
  • Space planning for your lifestyle
  • Standard details carefully combined for a custom solution
  • Coordination with engineers and compliance with zoning and building codes
  • Permit-ready architectural set
  • Up to 12 hours / month of construction phase advocacy

Perfectly Pleased

$ $

  • Tier 1 services
  • 3-5 one-on-one design consultations
  • Additional architectural detail sheets with custom elements
  • Permit-ready architectural set
  • Assistance with contractor selection
  • Finish and fixture selection
  • 12-20 hours / month of construction phase advocacy

Utterly Elated

$ $ $

  • Unlimited design consultations
  • Highly refined construction drawings and detailed specifications
  • Assistance with contractor selection
  • Extensive finish, fixture, and appliance research
  • Interior and exterior realistic 3D images that showcase textures and colors
  • Unlimited hours / month of construction phase advocacy