Midtown Cottage Renovation and Addition

This renovation and addition to a Midtown Victorian Cottage is a great example of how we help our clients, “think outside of the box,” by listening to the full story. We heard not just the story about the kitchen renovation our client initially called us for, we were quickly able to discern that the kitchen needed to move to a different part of the house!  Our client hated how the kitchen was so far away from the living room in the front of the house and since there were only two of them in the house she didn’t see the need to build another living space just so one would be empty all the time. 

From there the perfect layout unfolded.  We removed an unfortunate addition that had been constructed in the 80’s and added on a Master Suite and Screened Porch above a Garage so we could move the kitchen to a more central part of the house – where her Master Bedroom used to be.  This project was a small addition, with a big impact.  Rethinking how the existing spaces would be used makes the whole house feels new.

Before Renovation & Addition
After Renovation & Addition