College Heights Renovation and Addition – Decatur

Our clients for this project were a growing family living in a two-bedroom, one-bath, one-story home originally built in the 1940’s. The home, while it was quite cute, it just did not have enough room and there were aspects that really didn’t function well for their family – like having to do their laundry in a kind of creepy basement.

The expansion of the house involved a new second story and an addition off the back of the house that includes a finished basement area with a two-bedroom apartment. The final result is a spacious and livable five-bedroom 3-bath home (plus the apartment). The exterior of the house saw a major transformation with the second story addition and a new wrap-around porch, but the original heavy-timber cedar entry porch (built by the client) was salvaged and worked into the design.

Before Renovation & Addition

After Renovation & Addition