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The Newest Addition to H. Anne Sciarrone Architecture, Meet Beth

Anne Sciarrone - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And then there were two of us! 

Settling into my new office was the first step, but when new projects began pouring in, I knew hiring an extra hand was a close second. Introducing my new project manager, Beth Hagberg. 

The addition of Beth has not only been a relief, but a reunion of sorts. We worked together at NCG Architects nearly 15 years ago on some of my favorite projects including Camp Creek Golf Club, The President's Home at Columbia  Theological Seminary and the Burt Residence in Colleton River Plantation. We worked so well together then, that having her join me now was a natural fit.

Her attention to detail and organization continues to show through her work as project manager. Beth oversees all aspects of current projects from researching codes and zoning to managing the consultants and engineers involved. She wears many hats within the office and helps to keep all the moving parts, well, moving smoothly.

In addition to managing projects, Beth has been submitting some of my finished work for design awards, something I would have never had time for before she arrived. Stay tuned to see how that has turned out...She’s also learning my software program, Revit. For now it is a love-hate relationship, but I’m sure they will be best friends in no time.

Beth’s playful personality brings a refreshing balance into the office. From the candy she shares with me to the Wonder Woman mug that adorns her desk and her affinity for all things Star Wars, she is great fun to work with. I’m especially enjoying our team meetings while walking the beltline and having someone to bounce design ideas off of in the office.  She has already endeared herself to my clients that have met her and and am excited to see what new client relationships we will forge together.

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