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On The Boards: The New Garden Hills Pool House

Anne Sciarrone - Wednesday, February 22, 2012


In a traditional eclectic style employing stone, wood siding and heavy timber detailing, the new home for the Garden Hills Neighborhood Pool provides a refreshingly updated and accessible facility.

The new building will replace an existing out-dated A-frame structure built in 1979. 

The modernized plan provides a controlled entry to the pool area through a breezeway in the center of the building.  A family restroom located outside the gate to the pool will be available to service the playground and soccer field while the pool is secure.  Modernized locker room facilities meeting the requirements of the ADA will allow for greater efficiency and ease of maintenance while providing larger dressing areas.  An enlarged concession area will service both the playground area and the pool deck.  The upper level will house employee areas and offices with views to the pool.  A mezzanine has been provided for the use of swim team meet scoring.  Also on the upper level will be a Community Room intended to be available for small meetings and parties.  A covered deck on the pool side will connect the Community Room to the pool deck.  The building design, with the large covered area outside concessions and other open air spaces will also provide for spaces for pool occupants to wait out rain delays.

We are working on this project in a design-build collaboration with The Macallan Group and hope to begin construction documents soon.  Fundraising is underway.  If you'd like to donate please contact the Garden Hills Pool and Park Association.


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