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Muirfield Village Golf Club - Returning Home

Anne Sciarrone - Friday, June 17, 2011
I am just returning home today from a trip to the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio.  

The club, founded by Jack Nicklaus and officially opened in 1974 and home to the annual Memorial Tournament, is truly an extraordinary place.

I first visited Muirfield when I started working on the design of a 12-room Lodge in 2001 and continued work there until the spring of 2007 when we completed the construction of six new Golf Villas. 

This was my first trip back in well over a year and I was reminded of how bitter-sweet the end of a project always is for me.  Each time I am able to go back to visit an old project it is truly wonderful to  see it in full bloom - people using and enjoying the spaces as intended, mature landscaping all around, and in this case signs of impeccable upkeep. 

The best part about returning, though?  It’s the chance to reunite with the people.  When a project is done, the furniture moved in and job trailers moved out, I am most grateful for the relationships that I have built along the way.  In a way going back and seeing old friends makes it feel like I am “returning home”.

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