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Mission Accomplished. Best of houzz 2017!

Anne Sciarrone - Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Anne Sciarrone in Atlanta, GA on Houzz

Our Mission is to:


Our practice is about how to create the project of YOUR dreams, not ours.  We relish the opportunity to apply what we know to solving complex problems for our clients and seek to do that in ways that support our clients’ goals.

Mission Accomplished!  We are thrilled to have been awarded Best of houzz 2017 for customer service.  

Take a look at our houzz profile and read our reviews.

Happy Holidays!

Anne Sciarrone - Friday, December 23, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Zak Stanton - Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Setting the Table

It's that time of year again when the holiday season is just around the corner and we take a moment to stop and think of the many things for which we are thankful. It's gratitude after all, that sets the table for a full life. Our list of things to be grateful for includes each of you who make it possible for us to do what we love every day. 

And for a little something to add to your table setting, how about this holiday graphic which includes more than one way to impress all of your guests from place setting etiquette to the essential art of folding napkins to look like turkeys.

(Because Thanksgiving Swans just don't make sense)

Happy Thanksgiving!

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H. Anne Blakely Sciarrone Architecture Celebrates 6 Year Anniversary

Zak Stanton - Thursday, September 01, 2016

Happy Birthday to us!

 We are 6 years old today and look forward to many more years of 

“designing the spaces where traditions are created

 and memories are made.”

Ansley Park Renovation Wins National Chrysalis Award

Zak Stanton - Friday, May 20, 2016

We won!!!

H. Anne Blakely Sciarrone Architecture Wins…

National Award for Best Full Home Renovation

Beginning in 1993, The Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence covers 28 categories of residential and commercial remodeling. Regional winners were selected from four geographical regions of the country and then judged on overall design, creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhances the original structure in order to select a national winner for each category. 

Take a look at our winning entry!


A family of 4 with a baby on the way, were living in an outdated 2-bedroom home that they had far outgrown in a very sought-after area of downtown Atlanta. The original 1920's craftsman bungalow was buried beneath an unfortunate 1970's renovation. 

This project included a complete addition of a second floor, which gave the family 2 additional bedrooms, a large laundry and craft room, a bathroom, a living space and ample play area with plans for a future additional bedroom and bath. On the main level, cramped, dark rooms were re-designed into more livable and functional spaces, along with a complete transformation of the exterior of the house to take it back to the character of what it once was and brought it up to the standard of the Ansley Park neighborhood.

*new front façade features an exterior second floor porch nested cozily into the home’s new gabled roof, while playful brackets and wrapped shake columns add additional character to an expansive main level porch below.  

*new spacious kitchen with timeless style showcases clean lines, plenty of character, and provides the large space needed for a young growing family


*elegant new hallway between living and dining rooms with cleverly planned storage in walls below columns

The before pictures:

Before, this home was easily one of the most unattractive homes in an otherwise beautiful neighborhood. After the renovation, however, our clients are in love with their space and believe that this project fulfilled all of their dreams for a home and more.

This home went through a complete transformation from being one of the most unattractive homes in an otherwise beautiful neighborhood to a façade that now boasts gorgeous curb appeal and a functional yet beautiful interior that has provided extreme satisfaction for the clients. We knew we were creating something truly special when during construction, neighbors would repeatedly stop and thank us for what we were doing to transform the home.

Our mission is to:


We would be thrilled to work with you or someone you know. Reach out to us and let us help create a home for how you live!

"Designing the spaces where traditions are created and memories are made."

 Want to see more pics of this project? 

Click here! 

Working with Anne by Beth Hagberg

Anne Sciarrone - Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Working with Anne is the best decision I could have made. 

Architecture is a marriage of creativity (art) and structure (tectonics). Anne and I work well together because we value the importance of play and joy while believing that nothing can come together without the structure to bring it into being. 

Anne runs the office like it is a large architectural firm, making sure everything is thought of, from the professional contracts we pull together for even the smallest projects to the spreadsheets we generate to help our clients make informed decisions. Anne includes me in all parts of this process, which I love, as this pushes me to learn new things – new software and new, better ways of working. This is why I wanted to come work with Anne. 

A few years ago, when I was working on my own, I told her that I would work for her for a quarter and a bag of peanuts. I knew that I needed more structure and to be pushed out of my comfort zone. Anne waited to hire me until she was ready to offer more than nuts, as she is very professional and careful about important business decisions, for which I am grateful. She carefully navigates the murky water of working with friends, creating a professional office environment but never forgetting the human nature of work. I am so happy to be a part of H. Anne Blakely Sciarrone Architecture. Every day is a challenge but each challenge is full of joy.


The Newest Addition to H. Anne Sciarrone Architecture, Meet Beth

Anne Sciarrone - Tuesday, May 19, 2015

And then there were two of us! 

Settling into my new office was the first step, but when new projects began pouring in, I knew hiring an extra hand was a close second. Introducing my new project manager, Beth Hagberg. 

The addition of Beth has not only been a relief, but a reunion of sorts. We worked together at NCG Architects nearly 15 years ago on some of my favorite projects including Camp Creek Golf Club, The President's Home at Columbia  Theological Seminary and the Burt Residence in Colleton River Plantation. We worked so well together then, that having her join me now was a natural fit.

Her attention to detail and organization continues to show through her work as project manager. Beth oversees all aspects of current projects from researching codes and zoning to managing the consultants and engineers involved. She wears many hats within the office and helps to keep all the moving parts, well, moving smoothly.

In addition to managing projects, Beth has been submitting some of my finished work for design awards, something I would have never had time for before she arrived. Stay tuned to see how that has turned out...She’s also learning my software program, Revit. For now it is a love-hate relationship, but I’m sure they will be best friends in no time.

Beth’s playful personality brings a refreshing balance into the office. From the candy she shares with me to the Wonder Woman mug that adorns her desk and her affinity for all things Star Wars, she is great fun to work with. I’m especially enjoying our team meetings while walking the beltline and having someone to bounce design ideas off of in the office.  She has already endeared herself to my clients that have met her and and am excited to see what new client relationships we will forge together.

Banned from Playing CLUE

Anne Sciarrone - Sunday, March 01, 2015

Not too long ago my husband suggested that I had missed my calling as a private investigator.

Ive loved playing the classic murder mystery board game Clue since I can remember.  When my children were finally old enough to play, I was so excited to introduce them to the game and to have someone to play it with after many years away.  We had some fun family game nights moving the characters and murder weapons from room to room in that English Country House depicted on the board, collecting clues along the way.  But that was short lived.  It’s not that they no longer enjoy the game, but that I’ve been banned from playing with the family.  You see, I almost always win.  My husband has teased that maybe I missed my calling as a private investigator, but I have come to realize that I do put those investigative skills to good use in the way that I practice architecture.

Architecture isnt exactly a murder mystery - I don’t spend my days trying to decipher if Colonel Mustard did it with the Candlestick in the Conservatory.  What I love the most about what I do is collecting clues and solving problems.  I discover those clues in listening to my clients talk about their frustrations and about all the things that they love.  I hear them in the stories they tell about how they live their lives, work in their offices and even how they play.  I find them in the landscape or in some small detail in an existing building.   They are even found in code books and zoning ordinances.  It’s the reading of the clues - the connecting of the dots and integrating that information into a solution for my clients that underlies everything that I do!  I see life as a big complex puzzle where everything is connected and I’m always looking for that deeper meaning. I didnt miss my calling – Im living it!

For Creativity to Thrive it Needs a Place to Call Home

Anne Sciarrone - Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I couldnt be happier to have a place for H. Anne Blakely Sciarrone Architecture to call home! 

For Creativity to ThriveMaybe you've heard stories of new business owners setting up offices in basements, garages, or spare bedrooms.  It seems as though every entrepreneurial architect has a story of their less than desirable office setting for some period of time in the beginning months of their fledgling practice.  It’s as if it’s a rite of passage.

Our charming little 1920s bungalow has plenty of old house character but undoubtedly lacks in extra space.  We have no basement, garage or spare bedroom and our attic is unconditioned. So when I moved out of my office at NCG in 2010, I set up shop in my kitchen.   Well, not exactly IN my kitchen but in the Butlers Pantry area.  You might be familiar with the space that was typical of the era - that cute little five foot wide room between the Dining Room and Kitchen with the built-in hutch.  Several years back when we renovated our kitchen, we widened the opening between the Kitchen and Butlers Pantry to make the Kitchen feel larger.  We filled the space under the window with a nice deep maple butcher block table that my husband salvaged from the architecture building at Georgia Tech and thats where our family computer was located.  It was already a business center of sorts, so it made good sense that I would work there temporarily while I got things up and running.  

I started plans for a studio in my back yard this past summer. While I was having a good time with the design, the work I had to do for my clients was first in line.  It became clear that it would be a while before the backyard studio would come to life.  So imagine my excitement when I received an email from my friend Dolly, who had heard of a space available in her building!

I’m delighted to say that as of October 2014, I finally moved out of the kitchen!  Who knew that Id be sitting in that spot for four years? I’m now the proud lessee of an office and cubical within the office suite of Mountain View Group, a creative communications company.  I’m surrounded every day by awesome creative people.  I love the energy!   We are located in the Blue Horse Building in Inman Park Village which is convenient to Atlantas beltline and tons of amazing restaurants and shops.  I have lots to explore in an area of Atlanta that has seen much growth and development over the last several years.  

Filled with natural light, the office is also now home to my beloved plants.  I finally have all my books and equipment in one place and the office is still plenty big enough for me to spread my wings.  I miss my cats, but love it when my office mates bring their dogs to work for a little furry love. 

“For creativity to thrive it needs a space to call home.”  I cut this quote out of a magazine some time ago.  I dont know from where or exactly when, but I’ve had the quote pinned to my bulletin board for more than a few years now.  As an architect I know how important ones environment is to their well being.  I knew I needed a different place to do my work.  It wasnt very healthy for me to have no boundaries between my home life and work.  And working in such a tight space with all my things spread out throughout the house was frustrating to say the least.  I suppose I just had to wait for the stars to align, but having moved into this office space I’m happier AND more productive.  I’m so grateful to have found the perfect place for my creativity to call home.

Is there something that’s been bugging you about your environment?  Would a little more space make your everyday life easier?  Are your employees in a setting that allows them to maximize their productivity?  Dont wait like I did to make a change!

Designing the Spaces Where Traditions are Created and Memories are Made

Anne Sciarrone - Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What a wonderful Holiday Season celebrating Holidays with family and friends! 

All the festivity of this season has inspired me to reflect on the importance of tradition in our lives. 

Traditions tie us to each other; they ground us in the roots from where we have come.  Traditions are a way of honoring, of remembering, and they are also a way of welcoming.  Through our traditions we tell our stories and invite others to be a part.

Festa Dei Sette Pesci

Our familys most notable tradition is our Christmas Eve meal.  For nearly 15 years, my husband has been following in the footsteps of his Italian grandmother by preparing a Festa dei sette pesci (Feast of the Seven Fishes).  In the days leading up to Christmas Eve, he carefully plans the meal and shops for the finest ingredients.  By December 24th all Christmas baking must be completed and cleared out because the kitchen is off limits to anything but the preparation of our evening meal.  I clean and decorate and set out our fine china and silver.  After returning home from the Pageant Service at our Church we open our home to our extended family and eat and drink with much merriment, lingering at the table through several courses. 

It is a labor of love and it gets better and better every year.  I wonder if our children will carry this tradition on; I know they will share the stories at the very least.   In the mean time, I hope to have a larger dining room one day so we can add more seats at the table. 

In addition to our family traditions, it’s always a special highlight for me to attend celebrations held by my clients.  I love knowing that the spaces I have designed will one day be back drops for their traditions.   

Jason and Melanie’s basement couldn’t be a more fitting space to host a Holiday Wine Tasting with its exposed stone walls and warm stained wood ceiling and bar.   It was their dream to convert the once unfinished space into the heart of their entertaining.   And boy do they throw a good party!  

Rob, the consummate cook and host, brought the low-country tradition of an oyster roast to his Grant Park Victorian cottage.  It was just as we imagined as we planned his kitchen expansion - his guests gathered around the large island helping themselves to the most amazing Brunswick stew and refilling their eggnog. 

There really is nothing more satisfying to me than to see my clients enjoying the spaces weve created together and sharing those spaces with their family and friends.  This is precisely why I do what I do!

What are your special traditions?  Is your space the perfect place to house those traditions?  Or are there ways to make even a small change in your environment allow those traditions to come alive?  

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